Canterbury / Christchurch Earthquake

Community Response

A dedicated volunteer team of Internet people, web masters, programmers, and computer savvy helpers have built the Christchurch Earthquake Community Response site to coordinate help efforts.

If you need help or can offer help because of the earthquake, please click here.

Rare Domains

Generic Domains

There are two types of domain names "generic" and branded. Branded domains are business names and will be how you are known. This can be a made up name, some "real" words strung together (e.g. Takapuna Electrical), or a common word used outside it's normal area such as a book shop calling itself "Amazon". Names like this have the advantage that they are highly memorable in a way that made up words usually aren't.

We have a large selection of generic domain names that you could brand to represent your business.

Another use for generic domains is as an additional source of "type-in" traffic. For example, if you are a cafe, you may find having the name Bruschetta brings you visitors who are looking for this tasty treat.

Available Domain Names

Finding the right domain name for your internet presence is always a tricky job. Building traffic is even more difficult. At Rare Domains we have assembled a list of domain names with generic, or unbranded, names that we can sell or lease you to improve the traffic to your site.

More information

Here's a couple of useful essays written from a New Zealand perspective

Essay Branding on the Internet What domain names should you have, and how many?

Essay How and when to buy generic domain names When the domain name you want is already taken, but isn't a web-site yet, how you may be able to buy it from the current owner.

Check out our most popular domain names.